Exquisite Black Tie Limo Service

meticulous service.
an exquisite experience.

Exquisite Black Tie Limo Service elevates the benchmark of American chauffeured transport service to a standard of careful execution, meticulously considered craftsmanship and luxurious offerings.
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Crystal White Cadillac Escalade V interior rear driver seat

servicing jacksonville and surrounding areas

The Exquisite Black Tie Experience begins with our professional black tie chauffeur team.  We take pride in building a team of professional drivers who care deeply about each of our guest's ride experiences.

From their professional black tie uniform attire, to the courteous and personable nature of our driver relationship standard, Exquisite ensures your experience is a night to relish in and to cherish for years to come.

We know our city and your trip backwards and forward and guarantee prompt arrival, expedient drop-off and a luxurious and care-free journey for the entire ride.  Our level of care not only extends to pickup and drop-off but the care and accommodations of each passenger in our care. Ride assured that your trip is in our skilled hands.


arrive in style

Every detail of our luxury transport limousines are inspected and maintained by our Exquisite Drive Team. And while any chauffeured vehicle transport can be considered a limousine, Exquisite elevates the brand of the American limousine to a mark of meticulous consideration that our legacy demands and that our clients truly deserve.

We hold the weight of this legacy in highest honor and express our pride in each vehicle we offer to our client’s request.  From the presidential 13-passenger Stretch Lincoln Town Car Sedan to the decadent crystal white Escalade-V, each of our offerings are an expression of our Exquisite Black Tie family pride. We invite you to ride with us.

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A night full of stars

At Exquisite, we are car people. It brings us a very classical joy to crown a very special client’s night with the presentation of such a generous and presidential offering as our Lincoln Town Car Super Stretch Coach.
airport transport

it's about quality

Exquisite represents a marked distinction above the standard airport transfer service.  Our Exquisite Black Tie Team specializes in effortless pickup and delivery of our guests to their intended destinations.  Exquisite believes travel should be one less factor our clients should need to consider in their planning process.  We take pride in reliably delivering tranquility and peace of mind to our guests from pickup to final delivery and every mile along the way.

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a handcrafted embrace

The Cadillac Escalade-V luxury SUV punctuates our commitment to tranquility in every ride.  From the distinctive exterior to its luxurious leather interior, the spacious rear cabin of our Cadillac Escalade SUV cossets our guests in the warm embrace of intricately stitched genuine leather, spacious captain’s seats and a silent panoramic view of the road ahead.
black car transportation

a name you can trust

Black Car service is so much more than the color of the car.  The Exquisite Black Tie name represents a return to the fundamentals of chauffeured transport.  More than the familiar Exquisite black car, our   intercity and point-to-point transport service realigns the black tie chauffeur as the centerpiece of the Exquisite experience.  Exquisite understands that though the destination is important, the journey matters.

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the journey matters

Whether our guests prefers a quiet contemplative ride, light conversation, or a pleasant mood for kids in tow, the Exquisite Experience is a driver and guest relationship that turns a comfortable ride into a hallmark of reliability.
Luxury lives in the finer details. It’s a cloth napkin at a dinner table. It’s a mint on your pillow before bed.
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